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Micro-floating Tapper
for Synchro Tapping (Rigid Tapping)
Liquid Dispenser
Spray Can Holder (Model JSM)
for Automatic Liquid Dispense
Deburring Holder (with Machining Center)
for Deburring
Deburring Holder (with Robot)

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Production Catalogue 2014 All Pages (6.9[MB])-
Reference Information Precautionsp.00-
Tapper Selection Table
Tapping Capacity Range
Shank Standardsp.03-
CA Series (Tapper body) Model SKB p.04
Model ECP p.05
Model CAS/CAS-OHCp.06
TCA Series (Tap Collet) TCA Series Tap Colletsp.07
Model TCA/TCA-HP-SBp.08
Model TCA/TCA-HP-SB Tap Collet Dimensionsp.09
SA Series (Tapper Body) Model RA-M p.10
Model HA-M p.11-
Model HA-M-OHCp.12
Model SA-III p.13
Model SA-II p.14-
Model SA-VI p.15
Model RA p.16-
TC Series (Tap Collet) Model TCp.17
It depends on type and size of tapepr.
Model TC-M/TC-MOp.18
Model TC/TC-L Tap Collet Dimensionsp.19
RF Series (Tapper Body) Model RF p.20
Model RF-OHC
Illustrated Guide for Radial Floating Mechanism
ER Series (ER Collet) Model ER p.22
Reference Information Nominal Tap Size Table of the TC/TCA Seriesp.23-
Tap Standards p.24-
RPM Chart on Tapping p.25-

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