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Karakuri Workshop

In general, high rigidity and minimum runout are key issues for tool holders. However, we provide holders which take a different approch based on suitable and perfect movement. Our dream is to provide machines that move perfectly, fit perfectly, and deliver that perfect feeling.


Maintaining a high level of quality requires perseverance and effort. Because metal cutting involves a combination of many different elements, it can be exceedingly difficult to achieve the exact desired effect. We make certain that we approach every job with dedication and care. We will continue to spare no effort as we work to prevent machining malfunction, and to create a future where everyone can use our products safely and conveniently.

Tappers that surpass the demands of Japanese customers

Kato Mfg. is a long-established tapper manufacturer with a top-class market share in Japan. Each and every product was developed to meet the large number of requests that we received from our customers. Our company’s tappers have been shaped and molded to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our tappers have been forged to perfection.

We are guided by the needs of our customers!

We listen to customer input directly and respond to it with sincerity. It is our mission to provide complete support so that we can guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Kato Mfg. Co., Ltd. was the first manufacturer of tappers in Japan. With the introduction of our tappers, we created a revolution in the tapping proceess that previously relied on physical strength, and accelerated the motorization of the process. Threads are essential in every kind of manufacturing, from heavy industry, shipbuilding, automobiles, construction equipment, and hydraulic equipment to precision instruments. We make every effort to meet the differing needs of each industry and environment. To the many repeat customers who have supported us ever since our founding, and to potential customers who are struggling with issues today, we will provide reliable products that make the best use of advanced technologies. Please look forward to further advances from Kato Mfg. Co., Ltd.