Notice about Changing the Specification of Tap Adapter

February, 2013

Dear Valued Customer,
 We sincerely inform you that the specification of some Tap Adapters (Model TC and TCA) are changed.
The changes are made to "the length of holding taps." It becomes shorter in some models.

model TC dimensions (body part, holding taps part)
model TCA dimensions (holding taps part)

New specification

Line is engraved around the tip of Tap Adapter (Pic. 1)
"Green, round sticker" is put on the box of Tap Adapter where the size is printed. (Pic. 2)

* If there is no identification above, the specification is not changed.

The notice above is also included inside the product box.
For the details of modified specification, please refer to the attached chart or our website.

Best regards,

KATO Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



The above change will be applied from the items produced after March 2012.